Q32 Sound Peats True Wireless Headphones: Only $58 ?

Q32 Sound Peats True Wireless Headphones: Only $58 ?

Today I’ll be looking at the SoundPeats Q32 true wireless headphones.

The model with the 2600mAh case retails at just $58 and if you guys are
interested there will be a link below.

When I first checked these out I was a little skeptical of the cost but it had
so many good reviews I thought I’d test them out for myself and for just $58
lets see what you get.


Accessories Included                                      Specs                                       Conclusion
Look & Feel                                                         Battery
Weight/Build Quality                                     Sound Quality
Controls                                                               Price
I also did a video review of these which you can check out below!

Accessories Included

Included is a short micro usb cable for charging that plugs into the front of the case.
There is also 3 different sizes of ear buds to make sure you get the right fit for your ear there’s an instruction manual and the case with the ear buds side.
q32 soundpeats true wireless ear buds box contents

Look & Feel

Theres a lot of wireless ear buds that stick out of your ear and look kind of odd but these don’t suffer from that at all, they’re really easy to forget about when you’re wearing them.

Especially if you’re exercising you can hardly notice them after a while if you’re on a run or working out.

Weight/Build Quality

The ear buds and case are made from plastic making them super light weight weighing in at under 5 grams.

Weight/Build Quality

You really appreciate just how light they are when you’re wearing them.

soundpeats q32 true wireless ear buds wearing them
wearing ear buds
I like how these fit really well in the ear and don’t stick out too much when you have them in, they’re really low profile and hard to notice when they’re in your ears.


On the ear buds there are buttons on each one that allows you to make changes to music

while you’re on the go, there’s track skipping, volume up and down, play, pause, answer calls  and even voice assistant activation for your smart phone too.

Theres small led lights on the ear buds too that let you know when they are charging, turned

on and other functions if you need to reset them  or configure them from mono to stereo modes.
q32 soundpeats true wireless ear buds photo
ear buds


– Bluetooth 5.0 technology built in
-IPS4 rated (splash proof)
-3 to 4 hour battery life
-in built microphone for talking on the phone
-Charges in 2 hours
-weight 4.7grams
-Stereo and Mono mode capable
-voice assistant activation to smartphone
q32 soundpeats true wireless case
charging case


The battery life is 4 hours of play time and the case itself will charge them when they are inside it because it has a 2600mah battery built in.

You can get 18-20 full charges out of the case itself so in total about 55 hours of play time before you have to plug it into an outlet to recharge which is great.

I found that 4 hours of battery life was enough time to listen to music while working out, watching a movie or listening to a podcast.

Most people don’t listen for that long in one sitting. If you keep them in the case they pick up enough charge for when you need them next.

To charge them you simply put them back inside their case marked which side they are.

They have this satisfying magnetic click to lock them in place so they can’t move around or fall out.
q32 soundpeats true wireless charging case
charging case setup


Sound Quality

For just $58 dollars these have really impressed me, there was no noticeable lag whilst watching youtube and that’s fantastic given the price point,

because other more expensive wireless ear buds have noticeable lag.

Lag really  isn’t fun when your trying to enjoy content.

But what about sound quality?

At first didn’t think they would be anything special my expectations were pretty low after listening to them I was pretty shocked at just how decent they actually are.

The clarity is there and the bass is decent but not over whelming. Vocals and mid range sound good too.

For the sound quality these could easily be over 100 dollars and I would have no issues paying that.

When you’re wearing these they have a slight noise cancelling effect as well which makes it more of an immersive listening experience.

It’s not the same as wearing over ear headphones but it definitely does make a difference.

The maximum range these have is up to 10metres or 33 feet that’s with no obstacles in the way

I personally found that I could walk pretty much into any room of the house and still pick up the audio from the device these were connected to.


The Q32 Soundpeats true wireless ear buds are currently $58 on Amazon

this comes with the 2300mah charging case there are also cheaper options

of the same ear buds if you’re on a really tight budget.

55 hrs play time

AU$58.99 Q32 Soundpeats true wireless ear buds https://amzn.to/32JRlH7 Amazon AU –affiliate link
35 hrs play time

AU$40.99 Q32 Soundpeats true wireless ear buds
https://amzn.to/2N4Cws6 Amazon AU –affiliate link
15 hrs play time

AU$37.99 Q32 Soundpeats true wireless ear buds https://amzn.to/32JRlH7 Amazon AU –affiliate link


24 hrs play time, improved mic, smart touch controls, IPX5 water resistant
US 37.99 https://amzn.to/2ohXUlm Amazon US – affiliate link

35 hrs play time
US 35.99 https://amzn.to/2N6dRn3 Amazon US – affiliate link

15 hrs play time
US 29.99 https://amzn.to/2pQCts8 Amazon US – affiliate link



All in all for $58 dollars, and going into this with low expectations of the quality these were going to produce I didn’t expect the results I had at all.

Every part of these kept impressing me and I really didn’t think they would be as good as they turned out to be.

This is a really easy recommendation because they speak for themselves,

A great gift for anyone looking for a set of truly wireless ear buds and especially if you’re on a budget these are perfect for that.

So the low cost, bluetooth 5.0, 4 hour battery life, light weight design ,

up to 55 hours play time before you have to recharge the case

and quality sound…

make this a great contender for one of the best low cost wireless ear buds right now.

Well that wraps up my review of SoundPeats Q32 wireless ear buds

Thanks for checking out this post, make sure to return for more tech videos in the future and if you enjoyed this leave a comment below.