Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD Review

sandisk extreme portable ssd

I have done a video review of this which you can see here!:

Today I’ll be reviewing a portable SSD  from SanDisk. I‘ve been using this one for around 3 months and it’s main benefit is that you can use it to edit 4k resolution video.


A common misconception about working with 4k footage is that you can just use your regular mechanical hard drive but from experience most standard hard drives just aren’t fast enough to smoothly edit videos in higher resolutions. 


You need to have a hard drive with a high enough read speed to keep up with the large movie files your working with.


In this case this one has a read speed of 550mb/s which makes the work flow much smoother instead of being extremely jumpy and buffering all the time almost like your trying to watch a movie online with a slow internet connection.

sandisk ssd size


This little guy is super portable and is about the same size as a credit card and super light weight. I also like how thin the body is along with the hole in the upper corner to attach it to a clip inside your bag for that extra security.


These will work on Mac or PC and have as standard a USB type C connection but can also be adapted to suit USB A as well with the included USB to USB Type A adapter.

Dust/Water Resistance

It also has a IP55 rating for water and dust resistance so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged if your using it to edit photo or videos remotely.

Perfect for those times you might be in a remote location taking videos or photos and need to offload your files to keep on going.

Inside the box

Inside the box is a cable with USBC on both ends for the higher data transfer speeds as well as a USB Type A 3.1 adapter so if your setup doesn’t have USB C ports then this will still work for you. 


These are available in capacities up to 2 Terabyte for really large projects but for what I need it for 500GB works for me.


The size of hard drive you will need will really depend on what format you shoot video in. For example I generally record with sonys XAVC S 4k 30fps format which uses up to 100mb/s a second which definitely creates a lot of large video files at the end of filming if your doing a full day of it.

I shot a wedding late last year and all together the unedited footage added up to over 100Gigs so having this hard drive of this size was perfect to offload that footage to.



The 500gb version is priced at $162 dollars here in Australia I’ll put the US price up here somewhere for you guys.


Something I do like to do is keep my edited movie files stored on a slower External hard drive like this one from Seagate which has a slower read speed but is much less expensive.


This is good way to store your work that you want to back up and just keep the faster drive for editing current projects. 



Overall this is a great option if you need something super small, portable with high transfer speeds so you can spend less time offloading footage and more time creating.


Let me know down in the comments below what hard drives you like to use or have had the most success with I’ll be hanging out down there and if you guys want to check this one out there will be a link down down below.


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Link down below to pick up one for yourself.

Amazon US (affiliate link)

The 500GB version is now less money at $125!



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