Logitech C922 Webcam Review

Looking to increase the  quality of your livestreams on twitch
mixer facebook or youtube ?
The Logitech C922 could be the solution you’re looking for to increase your image quality.
Lets take a closer look at the C922.


I made a video reviewing the C922 that you can check out below

Logitech C922 Webcam Review

Physical Tour

The C922 comes permanently installed on a folding mount that allows you to either prop it up and an angle on a desk or put in on top of pretty much any monitor.
On the surface of the folding mount are some rubber non slip pads that are great because it will keep it in place on top of your monitor and won’t scratch anything.
Underneath the camera mount is a 1/4 inch threaded hole used for attaching to a  tripod.
This comes in handy if you need to position the camera below your monitor on your desk or to set up on any other flat surface.
With the legs on the tripod extended out it sits around 180mm or 7inches tall.
On the left and right hand sides of the web cam you’ll find stereo microphones and I’ll show you the quality of those in just a bit and the usb cable is about 6 feet long.
It comes with 2 stereo microphones that we’ll be listening to the quality of in a later test and the USB cable length is 1.5m long or just under 5 feet.
And Lastly, when you plug the camera in and start streaming you’ll notice 2 led lights appear on the face of the camera letting you know the cameras turned on and working properly.


The specs of this webcam are really nice with a few different recording options to suite different streaming purposes.
The C922 is capable of recording 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps which it’s predecessor the C920 didn’t have.
Recording at 720p 60fps is more responsive to movement but I think the picture quality definitely suffers at this lower resolution.
Keeping the settings to 1080p 30fps is best if you want the highest image quality.
If you’re using this webcam for streaming on twitch or mixer the window size is scaled down  so this loss in image quality won’t be as noticeable but
I still think you’re better off sticking with 1080p at 30fps.


This is the camera recording at 1080p 30fps and the image is actually quite decent.
Overall for the low cost of this webcam it’s all you really need to get started streaming content.
Lastly a feature that’s worth mentioning is the automatic low light correction.
When active this feature adjusts shutter speed and exposure to improve the image in low light conditions.
What I experienced though is the frames rate dropped a lot when this feature was working.
Instead I would recommend making sure the room that your streaming in has good lightning and just disabling this feature.
The audio from the webcam includes in built stereo microphones, if you’re serious about streaming or making videos I would recommend getting an external microphone as the audio quality will be a lot better overall.

Build Quality

The hinge for the webcam is solid and feels sturdy and the overall design is

nice and compact making it not to bulky sitting on top of your computer monitor.



  • 1080p 30fps video streaming and recording
  • 720p 60fps video streaming (with window scaled, image is more bearable)
  • plug and play device
  • Logitech C920 it’s predecessor has been very popular amongst the streamer community and the C922 is no different.
  • easy to setup


  • 720p 60fps image quality isn’t great with the video window at it’s actual resolution of 720p.
  • Background removal feature doesn’t work as described, need to buy a green screen if you want decent looking background removal


Now while there  are definitely more expensive cameras available like the brio 4k model  but if you’re after a good quality image and not trying to break the bank I would recommend the C922.

If you want to check it out for yourself you here is a link to the C922 on Amazon. C922 Logitech Webcam (Affiliate Link)