LowPro Protactic AWII Camera Backpack Review

lowpro protactic awii

If you would like to see the video review I did of this camera back pack you can check that out here: https://youtu.be/ypFb_xrNoVA

Today I’ll be reviewing  a camera backpack that I’ve been using for around 3 months. It’s been probably one of the best gear purchases I’ve made in the last little while to have my camera gear with me and easily accessible while I’m out filming.

It’s made by LowPro, it’s full name is the Protactic 350AWII. When I was on the hunt for one I didn’t want it to be too big and bulky, it had to sit on my shoulders well, and it needed to have a modular design, hard wearing exterior and the Protactic ticks all those boxes.

I would say it’s a medium sized pack that holds a mirrorless camera and a number of lenses and extra gear you need quite well. It’s design really makes it suitable for any number of gear combinations, being able to secure a tripod or gimbal to the outside of the bag with these included straps to connect to the outside is a very useful feature.

Comfort level

lowpro proctactic awii comfort level

If your using a bike, scooter, or just walking to get from A to B the shoulder straps and waist strap hold the bag on really nicely and feels very secure and comfortable to wear for long periods.

The back has a very breathable design with added cushioning so you don’t have anything digging into your back. There’s 3 quick access compartments mounted on the sides of the back and one at the top under a hard shell to add extra protection for what’s inside.


This one can carry a volume of 16 litres, weighs around 2kg and is primarily a camera and lens bag rather than a bag that will hold regular items too like clothes books and other things. It can however hold a 13 inch laptop or larger iPad which comes in handy if you need to edit photos or video while your out and about.


Modular design

lorpro protactic awii modular design

The outside of the bag has this modular design with heaps of these slip lock loops to connect extra accessories. Also, smaller bags to hold gear you need easily accessible like camera batteries, SD cards and or even a lens wipe and cleaner.

The waist strap is also a utility belt with two zip pockets to store items, which is also removable but is a little tricky to get out.  You have to peel away the Velcro, stick you hand between the strap and the bag and slide it out over the top so it doesn’t re-stick itself on the way out.

I found the tripod cup was perfect for sitting the legs of my stabiliser into whilst strapping the body to the outside of the bag for easy access.

There is also a utility bag you can connect to the loops on the outside as well as a 1 litre bottle pouch which for me is one of the best part of the bag. Having water accessible without having to carry it around in your hand makes it a practical solution to staying hydrated whilst your out filming.

The straps and clips are both adjustable and feel like they are high quality, all able to be adjusted. The extra strap can also be tucked away under these elastic bands to stop them from flapping around and getting in your way.

The zips are quite large making them easy to undo, and the large loops on the zippers make them easy to grab onto and undo without fumbling around.

Inside design and layout

Inside the bag is heaps of these hook and loop velcro dividers to change the space inside to suite different size lenses, cameras and other gear you need to stow away inside. The material is very soft and padded making it perfect to keep all your gear inside free from damage.

Rain Cover

Speaking of free from damage, there’s a rain cover tucked underneath the base that you can pull out and completely cover the bag even with a small tripod strapped to the outside. Making it water and dust proof which is a really nice addition. I especially like how there’s elastic inside it to make it sit over the bag easily and not come away.

Having been caught in the rain a few times with this bag, I can safely say the rain cover does a great job at keeping the bag itself dry and everything inside protected.


The current price for this one is $199 US or $250 AUD which I think is value for money when you consider how much the camera gear your carrying around is worth.

Outside of that there is two zip pockets I use to put extra cables and power banks a small pad and pen to keep at the ready. There’s these small covers that hide the zips when they’re closed to stop them from rubbing against any of your gear with the bag closed up which is a nice design feature.

These small pockets on the side near the top hard shell are really handy for a small multi tool or even keys. One of them has a key clip which makes it perfect to stow them away in.

My Setup

I have it setup so my camera sits in the size compartment so I don’t have to completely remove the bag to pull my camera out and start shooting.
I store my lenses in the compartments inside along with a couple of power banks, SD cards, lense cleaning items, and an on-board microphone with a windshield on it.

In the inside zip pockets the extra cables sit in one and a notebook and pen in the other. If I’m out for a whole day and need a way to offload footage my 13” MacBook air sits inside the sleeve.

Outside I have the water bottle bag attached, alongside the utility bag and tripod cup to sit the stabiliser legs inside and the top half secured with a strap.

My tripod is usually strapped to the outside using the slip locks and extra strap supplied, I’ll keep and extra battery in the utility belt for accessibility as well.


One downside to this bag is the fact that it only came with 2 outside straps to secure a tripod and other gear to the outside, it would have been much better if there was enough straps included to secure a lot more or even some carabiners included.


This bag is comfortable to wear for long periods
Keeps your camera gear safe

Makes your filming process easier with how easily accessible every thing inside is

The Modular design makes it easy to attach many more utility bags and other gear to the outside of the bag making use of the extra space.

It sits very well on your back and is breathable which is perfect for hot weather.

Hard shell top ensures protection from harsh environments.

All around it is a great investment to keep camera gear safely stowed away until you need to use it.

Who is this for?

This bag is suited for photographers or videographers who have a number of lenses they like to carry with them. Needing a well designed backpack that makes removing and stowing your camera away easy and without having to take the back pack off completely.

If you don’t like super heavy bags this one is perfect for that. It’s comfortable to wear, with different points of support for your waist and shoulders with the padded straps.

It’s very customizable to, so if you like to add or take things away from your setup all the time to make it work for you, this bag is perfect for that.


Well I hope you enjoyed this review, if you did leave it a comment down below.

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