GoPro Hero 8 Review: 2020

GoPro Hero 8

Today I’ll be reviewing the GoPro Hero 8 Black.


I’ve been using the GoPro for the last few weeks and have been testing out all its features in video and photo-taking.


So today, I’ll be giving you guys some insight into what the Hero 8 does well and some of its downfalls.


Before we get started though, I also made a YouTube Video reviewing the GoPro which you can check out down below if you prefer video.



Design Voice Controls
Features Video
GoPro Colour Profile Livestreaming
Microphone Cons
Menu System / Presets Conclusion


Design-wise the Hero 8 has a small pocketable form factor with a grippy textured body. The lens is quite large in comparison and a microphone is positioned right beneath.

GoPro Hero 8

On the side of the camera, you have the mode button to switch between time-lapse, video and camera modes, and a long press will power the camera on and off. 


There’s an additional microphone right beside the mode switch to pick up more sound.


The other side has a detachable battery door, which pops off quite easily, and inside is the battery, SD card slot, and USB C port. 



Underneath is 2 mounting fingers which make it easy to attach to the wide range of GoPro accessories. The main ones I used were the helmet mount, and chesty for mountain bike riding, running and hiking but there’s so many too chose from.


I also used the chesty mount on my dog who is a medium-sized dog, he’s a Staffy so it’s well suited for medium to larger breeds but not so well suited for smaller breeds.


Once the mountings are extended they uncover a speaker used to playback the audio from the footage which is reasonably loud given its size.


gopro hero 8 speaker


The touch screen on the rear is responsive and has a clear display to show what’s in the frame for each shot.


gopro hero 8 touch screen


On top there’s a large button for recording and taking photos which I found to be reasonably easy to operate whilst holding onto the camera with a single hand.


To test how long the battery lasted, I did a battery rundown test with the camera set to continuous recording at 4k60 fps, with high bit rate recording at 100mbps, GPS and wireless-enabled. 


The 1200 milliamp hour battery lasted 50 minutes before completely running flat, which I guess is to be expected given the micro size. The hottest the camera got in that time was just 32 degrees celcius.


In case you owned previous models of GoPro, those batteries are all compatible with the Hero8 but some features aren’t available such as Hypersmooth stabilization set to boost and a few other features.


You could squeeze some extra time out of the batteries by disabling the GPS and wireless connection, turning off the recording lights and changing the settings to completely power down the GoPro when you switch it off,  because even if you do power it down you might not think it but it’s still using battery. 


This is because it’s by default set to standby to quickly power on and be ready for the next shot or video,  so all these little things will get some extra run time out of the battery but if your out shooting for a full day I would take back up batteries with you.



Onto the Hero 8 features now with Hypersmooth definitely being a standout, it removes shakiness out of the footage eliminating the need for a gimbal when recording video.


I found out of the four stabilization settings, Hypersmooth set to “ON” worked well whilst only applying a 10% crop to the frame, which isn’t much at all and still allowed me to get everything I wanted into the shot.  


I took some footage side by side with stabilization turned on and off to give you an idea of the difference it makes when you’re doing any kind of action sports.


This is where the Hero 8 really performs well, eliminating the need for any extra stabilization equipment, letting you focus more on capturing the kind of video you want.


The second most noteworthy feature is Timewarp, which allows you to record a time-lapse in 4k resolution and switch to real-time mid-way through recording.

You are able to do this by simply by tapping on the screen which slows the time-lapse down to realtime, to return to time-lapse mode you just tap the screen again recording speeds up.


I found this to be useful if you really want to highlight certain parts of time-lapse if your walking around, instead of just capturing one scene like in normal time-lapses it gives you a lot more flexibility.


There are also 4x digital lenses to capture the best view of what your up to, including a super wide 16mm lens, Wide 16-34mm, Linear 19-39mm, and narrow 27mm. 


For me, keeping it on Superview which uses the wider lense is great for action sports and point of view perspectives, capturing both the activity and some scenery into the shot, giving it a better overall look.


People forget that GoPro actually started out as solely a camera that took pictures, with no capability for video. Improvements have been made in photo taking as well. It isn’t as powerful as some of the flagship smartphone cameras, which is kind of odd to consider.


With a 12 megapixel camera which when coupled with the SuperPhoto preset really enhances images with more detail and sharpness when taking photos with HDR it removes motion blur, so both of these presets turn out some really nice images.

art mural on building


There is also the ability to shoot in RAW which any serious photographers out there will love for the extra flexibility it provides in post. These images were shot in RAW to give you an idea of how you can enhance them using Photoshop to allow you to give the image your own personal touch and look you were going for.

GoPro Hero 8 RAW photo

above: RAW unedited photo

RAW photo GoPro Hero 8

above: photo after edit

LiveBurst is another feature that is similar to what you get on your smartphone where you take a lot of images in a very short amount of time.


It takes 90 images in a 3-second short video, recording 1.5 seconds before the shutter button is pressed and 1.5 seconds after. This makes it easy to scrub through each frame and pick out the perfect shot you want or share a 3-second video clip in 4k resolution.


Another time-lapse mode available is Night Lapse,  I had it recording whilst digging up the backyard for a good hour to make some veggie patches. It captured everything quite well and even caught the sunrise in the background.


GoPro Colour Profile

When shooting videos I was impressed with GoPros color profile. It’s close to representing what the eye sees and especially in well-lit conditions when the camera’s sensor is getting a lot of light.

example of gopro colour profile

above: Screenshot from Video shot with GoPro Colour profile


The sky looks vibrant, trees and grass, and even people’s skin tone was close to spot on, overall the image has a nice graded look to it. Most serious video creators though will want to use the flat shooting profile to have that extra flexibility in post, similar to shooting photos in RAW.


For most users though, GoPro Colour will do fine. 




The internal microphone picks up decent quality audio, but I did find that even though they say the wind noise reduction is there I had it set to auto and still noticed quite a bit of wind noise getting through when mountain biking.


Another point to keep in mind is that when using the Timewarp feature slowing down to real-time there was no audio being recorded which isn’t great if you’ve decided to capture a special moment mid time-lapse that the audio is an important part of.


Who knows maybe with a firmware update they could make the microphone work during a time warp when switching to real-time.

Menu System / Presets


Navigating the menu system to change settings on the camera was really easy, within just a few taps you can change video settings, switch between time-lapse and photo, and the display itself is easy to see and responsive. 


One of the main problems previously for a lot of people who owned GoPros had was knowing what settings to adjust for different video shooting situations. 


On the Hero 8 they’ve made it super easy by creating 4 pre-made movie shooting presets that make it really easy to just choose a preset and point and shoot.


In particular, I found the Activity preset was well suited for action sports and any kind of activity where you are moving around a lot.


It also extends the time you can shoot using a resolution of 2.7k 60fps instead of 4k, so, smaller file sizes. The other 3 presets include Standard 1080p 60, Slo-Mo 1080p in 240 frames a second which is a lot of fun, and a more Cinematic shot in 4k 30.


If there’s one thing I would change about the presets though, it would be the ability to change the names of custom presets you make.


Yes, there is a long list of names to choose from, but sometimes you want slight variations of an already named preset, and it would be really convenient to name them individually so they’re easy to find without having to dig through each preset menu.


Voice Controls


Voice control is a handy feature and supports a total of 14 different commands.

My experience with this was the picture, video and time-lapse ones worked reliably but it was a little hit and miss. Some didn’t work at all, so it pays to check the picture was taken or it’s started recording.


If your hands are full though or you’re in a precarious place trying to take a photo, I can see how these would come in handy. The standard start and stop recording or take a picture worked pretty consistently though.




The Hero 8 Black will record up to 4k 60fps at it’s maximum quality however Hypersmooth Boost stabilization is unavailable at this setting, it is however available in 4k30.


There is also the option to record with a bit rate of 100mbps which is great for capturing the highest possible detail, but there is a slight trade-off of larger file sizes.


If you want the best possible quality footage then recording with a flat color profile and low sharpness will give you a completely different looking video after editing in post.


For those underwater diving enthusiasts out there, the Hero 8 can go down to a depth of 10m, any deeper than that though and you’ll want to use the enclosure accessory which allows for a total depth of up to 60m.


Live Streaming: YouTube, Facebook Live


You can also live-stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch not Instagram though as it’s not yet been enabled on the platform.




So far I’ve covered all the features and great parts of the camera but there are also some downsides.


The battery door for one is definitely not ideal, the door actually detaches super easily, and to remove the battery there is this little plastic tab that seems too basic for this camera.


It would of been better I think if they incorporated the same design as you would see in a DSLR where theres a small spring and latch that locks the battery in place and you simply move it aside to release the battery which brings me to the location of the SD card.


You can’t physically remove the SD card without first removing the battery and even then you will want to have pretty good dexterity in your fingers to release it from the card bay.


I feel like this could have been positioned somewhere a little more user friendly instead of having to remove the battery completely to gain access to it.


The menu system did freeze up on me a few times which left me having to power down the camera and restart it. 


I also had a few instances while shooting in burst mode at 12 megapixels where the camera completely froze after taking the shots. Which again I could only get around by powering it down and turning it back on again, and the images hadn’t processed or saved to the SD card which was kind of disappointing.


My only concerns with this camera are how unprotected the lens is and rear LCD though there are screen and lens protectors available you can also subscribe to GoPro plus for $5 a month which gives you a maximum of 2 replacement cameras per year if anything happens to it in that time.


If you want to keep the lens damage free I would either invest in the screen protector kit ($20) or for another $80 you can get an enclosure called a Super Suite (links down below).




Apart from those couple of points, the GoPro Hero 8 performed really well for what I was using it for. The lens captures a sharp image and the higher bit rate for recording in both 2.7k and 4k makes it an ideal pocketable action camera.


The GoPro audio and light mods available make it a lightweight option for vloggers too, so it’s well worth considering if you’re looking for a super lightweight setup for vlogging.


All in all, this is definitely an impressive little camera for taking traveling or on an adventure, with some powerful features that will serve anyone looking to up their video game, and still be able to take really nice images. 


The thing to consider is if it serves a purpose between a larger DSLR camera and your smartphone. 


I think for action sports or outdoor activities it definitely has a place, smartphones definitely burn through battery shooting in 4k though and DSLRs can run a much higher price. You definitely need to carry extra batteries on board if you are out for a full day of shooting with the GoPro however.


What makes the GoPro so good is its the small form factor. GoPro is pretty well known for having a rugged build and the quality of video and images they can produce are impressive.


I can definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a super small pocketable camera to take traveling. It’s also perfect for recording some interesting point of view shots in whatever sport your into without having to worry about shakiness in the footage.


There will be a link to the GoPro Hero8 along with some of the accessories I used to film below.


Amazon Links GoPro Hero 8

(PAID LINK) (Australia)


Chesty Accessory

(PAID LINK) (Australia) (PAID LINK) (US)

Helmet mount

(PAID LINK) (Australia)


Enclosure (Super Suit)

(PAID LINK) (Australia)


Lens protector kit…

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  1. Hello Will,

    I was looking for a camera to use when cycling as can see some beautiful things on a bike trail, and with the use of a smartphone, some times does not capture during movement. Like that this camera can also be used on pets collars as well. After reading your review and experience with the device, I am ordering two of these cameras. Will share your review with friends and family as they too also have pets. 

  2. This seems to be a fairly handy camera for outdoor use.  It’s battery could stand to be longer lasting, but by in large, it’s good.  Also, it does seem to freeze some, and you lose some footage, that’s a bummer.  Being able to put the camera on your dog is a unique perspective.  Getting to the battery ad SD card sounds a bit difficult, and it sounds like you’d have to do it, quite often.  It’s good that you can connect it to social media it makes the camera more useful.  It would be cool to take this camera on a walk and do a time lapse on.

  3. Thank you for your review of the GoPro8.  I would enjoy having a small camera, but this may not work too well for me as the card is difficult to get to.  The real test for me would be helping with the shaking.  I would like to be able to with a birding guide my husband is interested in creating. We thought that having some videos would make our site more interesting.  Our phones are OK, just not as professional looking as we would like.  The GoPro would be the first camera for us to purchase for this purpose.  How are the zoom settings?  The lightweight information was most interesting.  

    Should we look for a learning curve?  Is there a better camera for this purpose that you might recommend?  We obviously don’t have a great deal of experience. 

    1. The zoom is digital and works alright you just need to tap the screen to zoom in and out between the selected digital lense size. Not the most convinient to use like it is on a DSLR camera that you can control with you hand though. It is super light weight which is one of the best points about the GoPro, super portable.

      If you let me know your budget I can make some recommendations. Theres also some ways to improve the videos you take on your phones, like using a tripod for stability that can hold the phone steady. What phones are you using? Happy to help. -Will

  4. Hi Will, how are you? I love your thorough review of the Go Pro Hero 8 camera and its many uses. The color of pictures and videos are impressive and nature through this lens eye looks so realistic.There is good mic quality and its great that it can connect to social media.

    It will be wonderful to use this camera on nature trails which i also love.
    The few faults that you mentioned ,the makers of this camera should work to rectify ,for even higher ratings.

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    1. Hi Sunny, if you’re just getting started I would recommend using your phone for videos but if you need a camera solely for action sports or adventure type videos a GoPro is definitely well suited for that purpose. Thanks for stopping in.

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    How well do you think the GoPro Hero 8 would stand up to a drop from 4-5 feet? Is it capable of this type of drop? Not that I plan to drop it, but things do happen.

    I loved the video footage that was done from the dog. I may have to try this with my dog. 

    1. Hi Karin, sounds like your quite the outdoors person which is great to hear, and definitely this camera would be great for capturing those moments outdoors.

      I’m about 6ft 2 and dropped this go pro onto concrete there was a small chip in the corner of the camera but still worked perfectly. If you want to really reduce any kind of damage I would pick up a super-suit for the GoPro. It’s basically a completely enclosed case that highly impacts resistance and works well to protect the camera from drops at height. Hope this helps. Here is a link to that.(PAID LINK)

      Thank you for commenting!

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    1. Hi Lucie, it might be a little difficult to mount it to a cat but who knows it might work? the chest strap accessorie does fit medium sized dogs so if your cat is quite large it could work?

      I hear Osmos are a decent action camera as well, if you wanted an action camera the Osmo or GoPro is a decent choice, but if your looking for a camera solely for high quality photos I would invest in a DSLR camera.

      I’ve used the Canon 60D and Nikon D5200, both great cameras with your standard 16-55 kit lenses for taking high quality images, especially if you shoot in RAW. JPEG looks great too though! if your just starting out, this is the route I would take. Hope this helps. -Will

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    1. It’s great for people starting out, very easy to use, the GoPro Hero7 has a lot of the same features but costs less so that’s helpful for people just starting out getting into action photography or movie making in action sports.

      Thanks for the comment!

  21. This camera thing is a whole new world for me. Anything that need to be captured is usually done through the use my smartphone.

    Now since I am venturing into vlogging this little gadget has caught my attention. I am so glad that you also suggested its use for such purpose.

    My question now is how easy is it to purchase a spare battery? I may loose precious time in waiting for the single one to get charged.

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    To Your Success,

    Alberto Lazaro    

    1. Hi Alberto, if your shooting in 4k resolution you can expect to get around 4hours of filming done. If your filming in 1080p expect to get almost double that. The main differences between the Hero 8 and it’s predecessor the Hero7 is the stabilization has improved, the design has changed with no more replaceable front lense, that’s the main big two differences. The durability has remained quite similar, a well built tough action camera.

  23. Great review, Will!

    This looks like it might be the perfect sports camera to take on my next scuba diving adventure! I definitely have a problem with shakiness, so the Hypersmooth feature would be just what would need. I wish you had been able to review some of the additional accessories like the underwater housing – is that something you might add later?

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    1. Hi Jess, awesome I’m glad you enjoyed it. It can definitley handle highway speeds, the mount that comes included can actually be attached to a motorcylce helmet which is definitely handy. The other option is to mount it to the motorcycle handle bars, this is a seperate accessorie you can buy from GoPro.

      The mounting system is really awesome very strong connection between the mount and what it’s being attached to. If your using the GoPro Hero 8 on a motorcycle definitely have the stabilization features turned on to remove any unwanted shakiness, and pack an extra battery if your going on a long trip.

      Thanks for your comment!

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    Thanks for sharing your honest review on Go Pro Hero 8 camera. I often go for cycling and wished to have something lightweight and sturdy. Except for backup time, Go Pro seems to be the perfect match for my requirement. Now I have to plan for the additional batteries as my trip used to be for 120 minutes and I do not want to lose some unexpected moves on the way.
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  31. Hi, Will Lawson.
    Thanks for sharing your honest review on Go Pro Hero 8 camera it will be wonderful to use this camera on nature trails which i also love.
    The few faults that you mentioned ,the makers of this camera should work to rectify ,for even higher ratings.

    This is an awesome review. I have never had a GoPro. Was about to buy one at one moment and I gave up. I am not sure if I would be brave enough to start with this new version. Would you recommend this GoPro Hero 8 for newbies or some other just to get used to on it?

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    The shots look very impressive and I loved your description of it.  A great read thanks  and definitely food for thought. I love the look on that chicken!

  38. Great review! I have been looking for a replacement for my GoPro Hero which lacks a lot in features so I think this might be the one to get. I especially love that it has a stabilizer feature so I don’t have to use a gimbal and the Timewarp feature will be useful because I love that you could start and stop it in the middle of recording, my current hero lets me do time lapse but it doesn’t let me start and stop it in the middle of recording. What an awesome feature. Thanks for this!

  39. This seems like a reliable camera for outdoors activities like cycling and rock climbing,thank you for your review of GoPro Hero 8. Your review of the product gives a clear idea of the features of the camera and all its benefits. I’ll also be able to learn more about how the camera does with stability. As I mentioned I’ll be very interested in using it for biking and want to know if it supports such activities. 

  40. As an islander and sightseer, this Hero 8 interested me. Seen your video I saw your difficulty on taking out the SD card slot, a 50 minutes time for the next charge, isn´t too bad, thanks for the advice of disabling GPS and wireless connection, but in my case I will need extra batteries, as you also adviced.

    I really will think about buying a gimbal for Hero 8, thinking about low light conditions. A superview for me is necessary since I like to take specifics and perspectives, so a wider lense fit in.

    12 MP is ok, at least for me, with Live burst and Night lapse and allowing 1.5 seg before and after is nice for a 4k, and with no problems on colour as you said, makes it cool. 

    When you started explaining the features of the camera, I was wondering on the quality of the microphone, I was thinking on the timewarp un real time so, no audio recorded. I wonder how is the shock proof rating. I wonder if the firmware could be updated. 

    I would like to know more about the 4K30 version for the 4K60 fps video. I like to dive so 10 meters down at my age is ok. No anymore 15 or 20 the top limite.

    I really enjoyed your review, and yes, Go Pro has had a long ride.

  41. Thanks for that really comprehensive review. That HyperSmooth function is pretty awesome on the Go Pro Hero 8. and I’ve never seen that Timewarp feature before either. That was some great mountain bike footage. Have you ever used this camera to record parts of a race (like a mountain bike race or even a 10K)? Just curious. Thanks again for take on this product. I found it very helpful. 

  42. I love the fact your review clearly covers the main concerns I have had regarding the different video shooting situations. Right away I got clarity about the menu settings & it preset features. Another great detail was the insight on Timewarp, I personally am a big fan of having flexibility when recording, so the breakdown how-to slow down the lapse was important knowledge. All the photographs taking gave me a beautiful perspective of what this tiny camera is capable of. I really appreciate the remarkable approach you took to display the GoPro Hero 8 capabilities.  

  43. In today’s times with all the development in technology, it’s no surprise someone would come up with a design like the GoPro. I know there are many other types in the marketplace that do many things. Some have more features than others. And of course there’s a great verification in price. I think the more features video cameras have, the more costly that they can be. Sometimes they can be too costly for consumers. Then the search will began by the consumer, for a more cheaper but reliable camera that will satisfy all video needs. 

  44. I can not actually say it all about this camera. The fa t that it is actually structured and built in a more unique way which makes it very standby and I like that a lot about ut alreadym I am a big fa of having oerosnal cameras atleast to cover Tue very basics of life and since we just gave birth to a kid at homes I would be in need of a camera recorder ffor documenting things. So, this is really good to see

  45. This camera would be great for capturing those moments outdoors; However, There is another little camera to look at, in this field (The ‘Osmo Pocket’ Camera!. I have dropped my mobile phone on the ground; and cracked the screen; to reduce any kind of damage. It would be a good idea to cover your item, and the super-suit case for the GoPro; wholly impacts resistance and works well to protect the camera from drops at height. 
    Thanks again.

  46. In my opinion these devices are really awesome. This is the first GoPro review I have watched and I want one for myself. I don’t have a bike or a dog but I’m thinking about vlogging in the future. You really know your stuff and this video  aims to help people and it is very evident. You really make the decision easy as pie. I want this or I don’t. You leave no stone unturned and deliver the most value possible. Written and in video form I don’t see a lot. In fact, I don’t see this. This is a great review post. Great job!

  47. Hi Will, 

    GoPro Hero 8 review is a great article and one of the best reviews I have seen. Ther way u have personally made videos and gone through each detail painstakingly, you deserve our full appreciation. The Live Burst feature that is similar to what you get on your smartphone where you take a lot of images in a very short amount of time, is incredible and that surely tilts the balance in favour of this camera compared to some others.

    I have been looking for a camera of this genre and that is how I landed up on your page. Thanks for the review.


  48. The unedited photo still looks very good. I like how vibrant the camera can make the colors in the photos. That is impressive how many images it can take at one time. The outdoor features look really good especially since they’re from a camera so small. I enjoyed reading about this cool camera. 

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