DJI Ronin SC Camera Stabilizer Review! 2021


Hey guys! Will here, and today I’ll be reviewing the  Ronin SC a stabilization rig from DJI, I’ve been using the Ronin SC for a few months and so far it’s been a game  changer for making videos.


The ronin SC is very well suited for small mirrorless cameras but with some of the larger models and DSLRs you might run into troubles with balancing so it’s worth checking out compatibility before you buy.


All up the setup weighs just 1.2kg and has a payload of up to 2kg. The battery life is very decent lasting up to 11 hours if the gimbal is balanced correctly, 


theres also the option of connecting a battery pack if you do run low whilst your shooting so if you have a couple of those spare battery life isn’t really a problem you’ll run into.


It’s come in 2 price points,  (US) $279 for the basic kit and (US) $329 for the pro version which comes with a follow focus system.


What is it?


The Ronin-SC is a 3-axis stabilizer for mirrorless cameras like the Sony A6600 which is what I’m using to shoot this video on. It gives your filming a more professional look without having to spend thousands on a professional setup.


Another term used for these is a gimbal, Gimbals have a number of practical uses ranging from film to aerospace applications.


Space shuttle orbiters used gimbals to vector the thrust from their main engines during launch for example so instead of the 


How does it work?


By making micro adjustments to the Tilt, Roll, and Pan axis to keep the Camera stable and remove any unwanted movement in what your filming.



Basic Operations

Turn on. Press and hold power button on gimbal. Beeps.


Lock camera orientation. Press and hold trigger. Light blinks green.


Recenter. Double tap trigger. 


Self portrait mode. Triple tap trigger.


Switch user profiles. Press M Button. 1 Pan tilt Follow, slow, medium. 2 Pan follow slow, medium. 3 Pan tilt follow, slow, low.


Auto tune. Press trigger and M button simultaneously 6 seconds.


Fix drifting. App – Status – System Calibration.


Joystick calibration. Tap trigger 4 times hold on last. Lights blink. Rotate Joystick. If blinks green calibration success, blinks red failed, repeat


Sport Mode. Press and hold M button. Light turns yellow. Release M button to exit. Double tap trigger while holding M button to lock sport mode.


Flashlight mode. Press and hold trigger, tilt Ronin horizontally.


Underslung mode. Press and hold trigger, tilt Ronin upside down. Or double tap power button, tilt Ronin upside down. Rotate gimbal roll axis to ensure camera upright. Double tap power button to engage motors.


What cameras does it work with? Heavy setups vs Light setups

Before picking up one of these it’s worth making sure that your setup and camera is going to work, with that being said I’ve left some links down below if you want to confirm that with your own setups.

DJI Ronin SC camera compatibility list:…

Focus Control


The motion lapse feature is a great way to level up your time lapses here’s a couple I took to give you an idea of how it works, you basically setup to different way points within the app, how many photos you want taken and how often and it will go through and do it’s thing, slowly panning between the two way points to give you a really unique looking time lapse.


The follow focus is super easy to use once you get it mounted to the Ronin SC which is the hardest part a simple double press on the control wheel button will tune the follow focus system so it can find it’s parameters to work properly, if you don’t do this the motor that turns the focus ring hardly moves around, so important that you do this step.



A slight downside here is using the sony edge app and your smartphone for live monitoring.


I experienced a delay between the live monitoring on the smartphone and what was shown on the camera’s display which makes it unusable.

 I’m thinking it’s an issue with the sony smart edge app and the smartphone rather than with the Ronin SC though.


So that’s just a heads up if you’re planning to use your android phone for live monitoring with a Sony specific setup on the Ronin SC I would instead opt for a different live monitoring setup instead.



So an 11 hour battery life

360 degree roll feature

follow focus


lockable arms for easy balancing

and super smooth footage

make this an ideal investment for anyone looking to improve the way they make movies.



I can easily recommend this setup for anyone looking for a stabiliser rig that can be taken with you for a shoot and not be just another piece of heavy gear to lug around.


I strap this one onto the side of my camera bag for convenience but due to its size you could easily store it inside as well.


Well that’s all from me there will be a link to the Ronin SC down below if you want to check it out.

US (PAID LINK) DJI Ronin SC$279 :

(PAID LINK) DJI Ronin SC Pro Kit $349:

prices at time of video AU

(PAID LINK)DJI Ronin SC $405:

(PAID LINK) DJI Ronin SC Pro Kit $594:

prices at time of video

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