Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank Review

cygnett powerbank

I made a review on YouTube which you can check out as well here:

This is a piece of tech I use a lot,  a portable power bank made by Cygnett that not only charges my phone up but also acts as an extra power source while your out filming.

I own 2 of these that are an essential item that gets packed into my camera backpack whenever I head out for a shoot.


This one has 10,000 mah of power on demand with 2 usb outputs at the top to charge a few different devices simultaneously.

Though I’ve ever really used it for one thing at a time. The battery types this one houses are Lithium Polymer so this one has 2 x 5000mah battery cells inside the housing.

Theres a small power button that you need to press to turn it on and a digital display has a number that gives you a battery percentage left remaining. This light will stay on as long as the power banks being used and supplying power which makes it easy to monitor how much power is left in one of these.


The size is very similar to that of my smartphone the Note9, which to be fair is a larger phone but here are the dimensions anyway to give you an exact idea of it’s size.

It weighs 230 grams and has these rounded edges which make it easy to slip into pockets and doesn’t dig into your leg if you need to carry it on you.

Power Output

The Output of each USB-A port is 5V 2.4Amps (12W) so that means each is capable of fast charging. To recharge this one, there’s a micro-USB port next to the other 2 ports that will charge it up back to full capacity.


What comes in the box

Theres a single USB-A to micro USB cable that comes with the box for recharging, I just leave mine on charge overnight to use for the next day. It’s a rare occasion I’ll use all the available power in a single day though.


According to Cygnett these ones can recharge a smartphone 3.8 times based on an iPhone 8 which has a 1820mah battery inside.

So this is a general guide for you to see how many times you can recharge later models of phones or other devices you might have.



This one is priced currently at $64 and is compatible with iPhone, Android and tablets along with any other devices that house a rechargeable battery.

I sometimes use this one to charge up my wireless headphones, wireless keyboard or any device I might have packed into a bag that I want to have full charge for when I need it!



So this power bank is perfect if you have lots of devices you need to power or keep on functioning throughout the day.

My main motivation behind getting 2 of these was to run my audio recorder for a full day whilst out filming and extend the camera battery life without having to swap out the battery mid shoot.


Less expensive option?

If your looking for a power bank to keep your devices charged up this one is great for that but if you need something not as big you could get away with a smaller rated power bank.

For example, you might need a power bank only for recharging your smartphone to 100% throughout the day. For these purposes I would recommend something like the baby brother of this model which is the 5000mah version which is still capable of recharging your phone for almost 2 full charges from flat, which is a little less expensive at $40.



So this one is definitely an essential bit of tech I carry with me, I’ll leave a link to this one down below for you guys to check out for yourself.

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Link to purchase the cygnett powerbank down below.

Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank

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